My Partners

It takes a teamI have been working in the real estate industry for nearly 30 years. During that time I have established valuable partnerships with individuals and companies that offer the professionalism and service my customers deserve.  They understand the needs of properties in the historic districts and their owners.  Let me know if you need to reach any of these folks or if I can help you with another need.  I'm here to be your resource.

Southern Brothers Inspections

Home inspections in hundred year old properties can be tricky.  You wouldn't hire a foot doctor to do brain surgery so you need an inspector who knows the peculiarities and construction of historic properties as well as the requirements for repair and renovation that meet historic standards.  Mark Riccaboni not only has these credentials, he's restored his own home in Springfield so he appreciates the needs of his customers.

Brightway, The Canty Agency

Not every homeowners insurance company will cover historic homes and even when they do there is a lot to keep in mind about what they will require.  My customers get good advice from Steve Canty they can use when making an offer on a home or negotiating repairs because he anticipates their needs and makes sure they understand their choices.

Watson Mortgage, Betsy Gordon

Betsy has been my go-to mortgage person for over 10 years and she's yet to let a customer of mine down.  She is attentive to detail, thorough, and professional.  When the unexpected occurs, as it does from time to time, she handles it so that the customer knows what their options are and can make good decisions.  Her rates and fees are always competitive and if the customer needs a program she can't offer she knows who to send them to.  

First American Home Warranty

You don't need a home warranty until something doesn't work and then you do.  But when you need it you want the company to handle your need as though you're their only customer and you matter to them.  You want prompt service that is professional and if their is a challenge you want it handled professionally.  Home warranties are not designed to fix "pre-existing conditions" or a substitute for poor construction, but they are great when the AC breaks in August, the dishwasher starts to leak, or disposal stops working.  

Osborne and Sheffield Title Services

Lee Osborne's team has done all my closings for years.  I know that my customers are in good hands and if we need legal advice during the process or a document drafted, he's there to make it happen.  He answers questions and helps my customers with other legal matters as they come up.  His staff has never missed a deadline or failed to catch an error.