Company Info

Florida Homes Realty and Mortgage

I am proud to be with the largest single broker owned real estate company in North East Florida.  Having begun during the recession in 2008 the company has grown because of strong leadership, integrity, and stability in changing markets.  Founded by James Angelo, a top agent himself, the company is backed by someone who understands real estate from the ground up.

That integrity and stabiltiy were important to me in choosing a brokerage.  Having been with a local company that lacked those qualities and folded in less than three years I was determined to get it right this time.  We are Jacksonville based so all decisions that affect our customers are made by folks who understand and live in this market.

Nowadays most real estate professionals are so mobile that we rarely use an office but we have locations all over town to handle business and when needed to meet with customers.

I live in Springfield and work in all the historic areas .  So I'm always just around the corner.