When It's Time to Sell


When the inventory of homes for sale is low sellers often think they don’t have to do much to their home to get it ready for sale.  That’s wrong.  In any market buyers have choices so it’s important to make a home ready for sale that will show it at its best.


Repairs should always be made if possible because it’s human nature for a buyer to offer less for a home needing work – even when the seller has priced it lower to allow for that.  It never fails.  A delay in getting on the market is worth it if it means that the property shows well.


Empty houses don’t need to be staged when they are well kept, clean, and in good repair.   Often an empty room allows the buyer to imagine their own belongings there.  It's also a great way to show off the "bones" of the home, especially historic homes that have many wonderful original details.


The exterior is where a home makes its first impression, both in person and typically online.  Touching up landscaping, replacing an old mailbox, changing out lighting, and pressure washing can make a huge difference in that first impression.


Should you remodel the kitchen or paint the exterior?  For big ticket items it’s a case by case situation.  There are times when a big expense is warranted but many other times it’s not.


Of the three factors involved in selling a home most are not up to the seller.  Sellers can't control the location of the home or the age, but the condition and appearance are the things they CAN control.  Marketing is controlled by the listing agent.  Price is somewhat controlled by the market.


It's important that sellers have good information about all three factors so that they can make informed decisions throughout the process.  I'm always available to answer questions or help in getting your home sold.  Just reach out.