Diamonds in the Rough

   427 E 3rd St - Before       427 E 3rd St - After

320 E 4th St - Before   320 E 4th St - Before      320 E 4th St - After

  314 Market - Before        314 Market St - After

  1524 Market St - Before        1524 Market St - After

These are only a few of the examples of the potential in some of our "worst" looking properties.  When a home has withstood over a hundred years of owners both good and bad, it's worth saving.  It's a part of the historic fabric of our neighborhood.  When you buy and restore one of these homes you are not only saving a piece of history, you are putting your own stamp on the property with the choices you make.

You're not a restoration expert?  That's ok.  There are contractors who are and plenty of experienced folks in the historic neighborhoods and at the Historic Preservation Commission to guide you.  There is Renovation Financing that will allow you to roll the cost of the renovation into your mortgage so that you only have one loan, that doesn't require a payment until the work is complete.

Depending on the property and it's intended use there may also be some tax advantages to taking on a full restoration.  I can answer your questions on that.

I'm experienced with the renovation process and the lenders and contractors who can help.  If this is for you, we can make it happen and find your own diamond in the rough.